Don't get overwhelmed by the estate/moving process: let our experienced professionals walk you through each step

Estate Services

In addition to traditional appraisal and consulting services, Linzey Appraisal & Estate Services can assist with a variety of aspects in helping to settle your estate, guide your moving process, or ease the division of property assets. We offer on-site sales to liquidate the contents of the home, and can also find private buyers or contract with auctions for the sale of single pieces. Clean-out and cleaning services are available. Our on-staff contractors can then prepare the property for sale, whether it requires minor touch-ups and staging or large renovations.
Our experienced staff can conduct an on-site sale of your household contents, whether it be for estate, moving or division of property purposes. We have an extensive database of contacts who receive notice of all of the sales we are hosting, and your sale will also be advertised in a variety of local and social media outlets. We handle the sale of everything from art and antiques to furniture and household items, right down to linens and kitchen tools.

More valuable items may be sold privately prior to an open sale, or contracted with an auction, if that is deemed the most appropriate market.

Following the house sale, we will make arrangements for the remainder of the items to go to auction or be donated to a charitable organization for a tax deduction.
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   Estate Services
Let's face it: during our lifetime, we can collect a lot of junk. While much of the contents of a home can be resold, there are plenty of items that simply need to be discarded. We will help you decide which items belong in which category, then make arrangements for the removal of the non-salable items. We can also arrange for the home to be professionally cleaned prior to being listed for sale.
When you are selling a home, whether it be an estate property or you are simply making a move, it is often necessary to prepare the home for sale with minor (or major) repairs and renovations. Our on-staff contractors have over 15 years of experience in home maintenance and renovation and are ready to handle any and all home projects, no matter how big or small, to make your home more desirable to buyers.

Our knowledgeable team will consult with you on recommended repairs and renovations to the property that will help increase the chances of sale. We will work out a budget that makes sense for a comparable return on the sale of the home.

Our contractors are able to handle all nature of home repairs and renovations, from paint touch-up to kitchen remodelling and everything in between.

Settling an estate can be an overwhelming experience. Let Linzey Appraisal & Estate Services walk you through the process from first inventory of the contents to final sale of the home. It is our privilege to ease this procedure for you.
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